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Alchemy Maho Matcha Elixir 750ml

Alchemy – Maho Matcha Elixir (750ml)


Alchemy Mumbai Chai Elixir 750ml

Alchemy Mumbai Chai Elixir 750ml

Pump for Alchemy Elixirs – 8ml Portion (Black)


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Black syrup pump for use with all Alchemy Elixirs. For the 300ml Elixir bottles, you will need to remove the tube so that the pump fits into the bottle. For the 750ml bottles, you will need to trim the tube down slightly. Dispenses 8ml of syrup with each pump.

Please clean the pump before initial use – ideally in a Milton or other sterilizing solution.

Assembly instructions:

  1. Insert the dip tube into the body of the pump.
  2. Unlock the pump by holding the body of the pump and turning the nozzle clockwise.
  3. Insert into the syrup bottle and screw on tightly.
  4. Depress a few times to charge the pump.

Cleaning: The pump will be damaged if put into a dishwasher. The pump should be cleaned regularly by hand and must be cleaned when using it with a new bottle of syrup. Syrups should not be stored in direct sunlight.

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Unscrew the pump from the bottle.
  2. Place the pump in warm soapy water and rinse carefully.
  3. Pump through with water 10 or more times – or until clear water emerges.
  4. Pump again out of the water until all the water is out of the pump.
  5. Remove the tube and shake until all the water is out.
  6. Leave to dry.

About Alchemy: Everyone here at Alchemy shares an obsession with flavor, and loves nothing more than making our customers swoon with pleasure at the taste of our cordials and syrups. We are all fully engaged in our mission which is ‘Transforming Refreshment’. Making products that change how you feel, and also changing the way refreshment is made, delivered, and enjoyed! We are a family business that started as a market stall selling homemade cordials back in 1997 and have organically grown to become a successful and well-regarded manufacturer and marketer of naturally flavored beverages.



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