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Cream Deluxe N2O tank

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    Cream Deluxe Midnight Edition Cylinders 666g

    Cream Deluxe Midnight Edition Cylinders 666g 1x

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    Cream Deluxe Midnight Edition Cylinders 666g

    Cream Deluxe Midnight Edition Cylinders 666g

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Cream Deluxe is a brand of high-capacity cream chargers designed for professional and home use in the culinary industry. These chargers are used in both professional and home kitchens, containing nitrous oxide (N2O) to aerate cream, producing whipped cream quickly and efficiently. They produce industry standard whipped cream, ensuring quality expected in commercial kitchens. Cream Deluxe chargers come in larger sizes compared to traditional small chargers, allowing for more extensive use without frequent replacements.

What are Deluxe Cream Chargers Used For?

Deluxe Cream, facilitated by Cream Deluxe cream chargers, is primarily used to create whipped cream. However, it also has several other culinary applications:

  • Whipped Cream: For desserts, beverages, and toppings.

  • Infused Foams: Used in both sweet and savory dishes to add a light, airy texture.

  • Mousses and Espumas: For creating smooth, voluminous mousses.

  • Cocktail Creations: Adds froth and texture to cocktails.

  • Rapid Flavor Infusions: Increases the speed and efficiency of infusing flavors into liquids. Rapid infusion allows for fast recipe yield and increased productivity in a busy commercial kitchen.

Cream Deluxe chargers are available in various quantities to cater to both home and commercial kitchen needs.

What is the Cream Deluxe Gold and Midnight Edition?

The Cream Deluxe Gold and Midnight Edition are special editions of the standard Cream Deluxe chargers. These editions may include a pressure regulator for enhanced performance. These editions typically feature enhanced aesthetic designs, such as a gold or midnight black finish, and may include additional features or improved performance. These editions are designed to offer both functionality and a premium look, appealing to both professional chefs and enthusiasts looking for high-quality equipment.

What is Food Grade Nitrous Oxide Used For in Catering?

In the catering industry, nitrous oxide is used for:

  • Whipping Cream: Quickly turning liquid cream into whipped cream.

  • Creating Foams: For both sweet and savory dishes.

  • Carbonating Beverages: Occasionally used to add a fizzy texture to drinks.

  • Rapid Flavor Infusions: Speeding up the infusion process of flavors into liquids, oils, and alcohol.

Many suppliers sell nitrous oxide for catering purposes.

Cream charger cartridges are widely available, but their sale is subject to regulations, including age restrictions and misuse regulations.

How to Work a Cream Deluxe?

To help the user operate the Cream Deluxe charger efficiently:

  1. Prepare the Dispenser: Pour the desired liquid (cream, flavored liquid) into the whipped cream dispenser.

  2. Attach the Charger: Secure the Cream Deluxe charger to the dispenser using the appropriate adapter.

  3. Charge the Dispenser: Release the nitrous oxide into the dispenser by pressing the release valve.

  4. Shake the Dispenser: Shake well to mix the gas with the liquid.

  5. Dispense: Press the lever to dispense the whipped cream or foam.

How to Dispose of Cream Deluxe?

To dispose of a Cream Deluxe chargers:

  1. Ensure It’s Empty: Confirm the cream deluxe charger is completely empty of gas.

  2. Use the Discharge Nozzle: Use any included discharge nozzle for safe disposal.

  3. Recycle: Follow local guidelines for recycling steel cylinders. Many areas accept these in metal recycling programs.

  4. Consult Local Waste Management: If unsure, contact local waste management authorities for proper disposal methods for your cream deluxe cream chargers.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

No, cream chargers and cream dispensers are two different items, but both work together to form the whipped cream. A cream charger is a cylinder filled with N2O that gives a charge to the dispenser to produce the cream.
The cream charger is an 18+ product. You can buy a cream charger if you are above than 18 years. It can be illegal for any person less than 18 years old.
We use 100% high-quality stainless steel and 8 gram of pure nitrous oxide to produce a smartwhip cream charger.
No, you cannot refill your cream charger. Each cylinder can be used once. You can not reuse it and refill it.
You can buy the cream charger from our website. Also, you can order cream chargers from leading online stores. We will deliver within 24 hours.

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