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You will be pleased to hear that that our highly-trained staff are here to set up and dispatch your order on the very same day (Mon-Fri) that it’s placed – we don’t believe you should have to wait. Quality control & customer service is at the heart of everything we do.
Cream Chargers Warehouse

What You Need Know About Cream Chargers

The cream-charger is a fascinating and versatile item, and it can sharpen your creativity in the kitchen and make you the best culinarian. It is a great culinary ingredient, packed with pure food-grade nitro-us oxide N2O gas. They were developed in the middle of the 20th century, and after their creation, they became stronger and stronger.

What are cream chargers?

A whipped cream is a significant element in the food and beverage industry. They are small stainless steel cylinders filled with pressurized nitrous oxide gas (N2O). Adding the whip to the dispenser, the nitrous oxide gas (N2O) reacts with the fats, gelatins, and other stabilizing agents in the cream to form a fluffy, blowing, and delicious whipped cream.

Additional Information

N2O canisters are usually available in three sizes, 8 grams,16 g, and 580 grams.8-gram nitrous oxide canisters are manufactured universally to fit the 8-gram standard whipped dispenser. While the 580-gram nitrous oxide can be used with a classic dispenser, you need a pressure controller, filling hose, and an adapter.

Which brand of cream charger should I buy?

Unfortunately, not all cream chargers are made to a good standard, so choosing a good nitrous oxide canister is difficult. But you can purchase from creamchargerwarehouse.co.uk without any worries because we only stock well-known brands like a pro, Mosa, Liss, and ISI. We guarantee quality products to our customers.

Where can they be purchased?

There are many famous brands and reliable Cream Suppliers of Nitrous Oxide Cylinders. Here you can order standard different brands, but you also have to pay shipping charges when shopping online. You can buy cream chargers near me from any supermarket for example, are available in both retailer and wholesale packages on cream chargers amazon.

How Many Can You Buy?

It depends on your needs. If you own a commercial restaurant or coffee shop, you can buy in bulk, and you can get a Discount Cream, but if you utilize it in home kitchens, you can purchase it according to your household needs. Usually, an 8G canister is sufficient for a 0.25 to 0.5-liter dispenser.


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From order to delivery, the service was excellent. Was kept updated on delivery status and even had a follow up after delivery. Would recommend!
Service was prompt and courteous, from initial inquiry through to delivery. Product was of excellent quality. I would do business with them again.
Really good cream chargers, had a good night making all the whipped cream. Hope everyone enjoys as much as I did.
Rob Bailey

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Frequently Asked Questions:

They are filled with nitrous oxide gas in liquid form at high pressure. Therefore, there is no threat of explosion while breaking the them, but it can also cause severe freeze burns. Release the gas with the approved equipment to avoid freeze burns, such as NOS cracker.
The cream chargers have made it very easy for us to make whipped cream, enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of the desserts and infusions. Still, sadly, some people inhale nitrous oxide gas as abuse, which is very dangerous to humans’ health and is a legal crime.
If you want to purchase NOS cream charges for food and beverage use, it is perfectly legal, but you must be 18 years of age or older. People under the age of 18 cannot obtain them. Still, if one purchases a nitrous oxide cylinder for recreational purposes or intoxication, it is an illegal act and a crime.
All cylinders sold on creamchargerwarehouse.co.uk are made up of 100% recyclable steel, which is entirely eco-friendly.

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