Wholesale Cream Chargers

Wholesale cream chargers in the UK

Wholesale cream chargers in the UK

Cream chargers are an innovative product in the field of food and beverages. It is a safe product that is easy to use works quickly and efficiently. Cream chargers are a remarkable tool that whips liquid cream into fluffy whipped cream less time than any other mechanical whipping. Cream chargers prove a very helpful product in the baking and catering field.

They are gaining popularity in every kitchen of the Uk. Cream chargers are used enormously in bakeries and household kitchens throughout the Uk. Cream chargers save time and make our lives easy. You can make smoothies, cakes, cocktails, and yummy coffees with the help of cream chargers. Cream chargers are available at wholesale prices at different stores and online websites in the UK.

Why does nitrous oxide use in cream chargers?

Cream chargers are cylinders filled with nitrous oxide(N2O), used as a whipping agent in whipping dispensers. The cream charger has a narrow end at one side covered with a foil coating that breaks to release gas into the dispenser. The cream dispenser has a sharp pin that breaks the foil coating. Nitrous oxide-filled cream chargers are the best for your cakes and pastries, mousses and pudding creams, cocktails, and cold coffees, better for all kinds of sweet and sour, hot and cold dishes.

Mosa cream chargers wholesale in Uk

Mosa cream chargers is a leading brand based in Taiwan. Mosa cream chargers use at a large scale in the UK. These cream chargers are available at wholesale prices in every leading online website and retail shop in the UK. Mosa cream chargers are made with 100% recyclable stainless steel. Each cream chargers contain 8 gram of pure nitrous oxide.

Uses and benefits of Mosa cream of chargers:


Mosa cream chargers can be used to give extra body and volume to many sauces and dressings that might not have been aerated. You can use mosa cream chargers to infuse your drinks like cocktails, pina colada, etc.


  • Mosa cream chargers give you high-quality whipped cream without any oil residue and dust.
  • You can have a whipped cream of your desire.
  • Mosa cream chargers can beat 5-liter liquid cream into 1.5-liter whipped cream less time which is double that hand beating.
  • Made with recyclable stainless steel.
  • Whipped cream can store for more than a week. You can have whipped cream anytime you need.

Mosa cream chargers' pallet

A half pallet of Mosa cream chargers consists of 20 brown boxes with 12000 cream chargers and 600 cream chargers.

A complete pallet of Mosa cream chargers contains 32 brown boxes with 19200  cream chargers of nitrous oxide. Each box contains 600 cream chargers.

Facts about mosa cream chargers

  • Filled with 8 grams of pure nitrous oxide, a food-grade gas.
  • Every cylinder weighs electronically to ensure the same amount of N2O in every cylinder.
  • Mosa cream charger has a silver coating that prevents moisture of the kitchen from rusting on the top of the charger.
  • Compatible with every dispenser except the Kisag as it has a push-valve system.

Wholesale cream chargers in the UK

You can buy cream charger at wholesale rates from retail shops and online like cream chargers Uk, wholesale cream chargers wholesale retail Uk, Cream hub chargers, cream chargers.com.uk, respectively. All these retail shops and websites deal with all leading brands of cream chargers, especially Mosa cream chargers. You can buy a high-quality Mosa cream charger at a low cost from these websites. These websites offer delivery in just 24 hours. So, buy a cream charger at wholesale from an online store sitting anywhere in the Uk.


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