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The following guidelines must be followed to make full use of this website. Use of this website and any purchase you make are governed by these terms & conditions. This agreement applies to all purchases made through our website. Changes to these terms & conditions are possible at any time. Without agreeing to these terms of services and other conditions, you can’t use or access our Website. Let’s know what our terms and conditions are for purchasing a Cream Charger!

Used Terms

Understand the Following are the terms used on our site:

  • Terms and conditions are the “conditions that users have to follow to use this website.”
  • To keep records of your purchases and identify your device, this website contains “cookies,” which are short files containing short text recorded on our system’s hard drive.
  • When we say “Personal Information,” we refer to the information you give us when you register on our website.
    The term “product” refers to any item available for purchase through the website.
  • When we say “you,” we’re referring to any visitors to this site.
    In addition, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us!

Account Indemnity

As long as your purchasing account and your details are used to connect to this Website, or if anyone else uses your purchasing account under your name, you agree to hold us harmless from any claim, responsibility, loss, damages, expenses, and travel costs, including reasonable legal fees, arising from any violation of these Terms & Conditions by the user

Aspects of Our Business

Our Products

It is possible that the actual product and its packaging will differ somewhat from the images displayed on this site. On this Site, the pictures of Products and their packing are for illustrative reasons only and are not for sale. If any relevant statutory requirements, regulations, or technological advancements necessitate us to alter the Products, we will do so. Changes that are material to your agreement with us will be announced in advance, and you will be given the option to terminate your agreement and get a refund of any payments you have already made to us.

There is a limited supply of each product. Maintaining appropriate stock levels is a top priority for us. Our goal is to keep your order on hold until the product you ordered is back in stock. If we are unable to do so, we will give you a refund or hold your order till the product you ordered is back in stock. Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, and Carbon Dioxide are some of the harmful gasses found in some of our products (CO2). The pressurized gas capsules in some of these products may be harmful and age-restricted since they require proper collection and storage. If you use them in any other way, you’ll break the manufacturer’s guidelines. Feel free to read the care instructions and the safety information available.

Some of our items may be misused t; thus, to protect the general populace and our clients; we have severe measures in place. The right to refuse sales to anybody who can not prove their age or who we suspect intends to misuse, abuse, or not store the items we sell by the manufacturer’s instructions or provide the items to anyone trying to plan to mishandle the products or who is under the age of eighteen is something we have the right to do at our discretion.

Buying any pressurized gas pills (N2O, N2 & CO2) is forbidden for anybody under 18. A copy of your driver’s license or passport will be required for each person included on your order if you have not already done so on a previous occasion. While we cannot be held responsible for any delivery delays resulting from age verification checks, we will do everything to execute orders as promptly as possible after they are received.

We’ll question you about the intended usage of the Products while you’re checking out. Each order will be thoroughly investigated and analyzed to guarantee compliance with the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. Orders are held for up to 72 hrs while we conduct an investigation, and if your order is rejected, we reserve the right to restrict any future orders from you. Please see clauses 5 and 12 below for additional information.

As of right now, each retail client or residential location is limited to 240 chargers. A refusal and a cash refund may be granted if an order exceeds this limit without a clear use statement or additional questioning being judged appropriate. This limit can be changed at any time without notification.

Our Prices

The Website provides information on the costs of the Products. Price correctness is something we strive for daily. The only exception is if we uncover an error in pricing for anything you made an order. We will advise using the statements to inaccuracy, and you will have the option of either proceeding to buy or cancel your order.

Our product prices are subject to change without notice. Any orders that have already been confirmed should be unaffected by these modifications. Any such order may be canceled if the price change produces unforeseen problems.

Currently, VAT at the present rate is included in all pricing. Once your order is placed, we will alter the amount of VAT you are charged based on the current VAT rate, unless you have already charged for the product in full just before modification in VAT occurs. We will cancel your order if we cannot reach you using the contact information you supplied during the order process.

Use of our Products

As a general rule, our products can only be used to manufacture foods and drinks when necessary before purchasing any products from our site. We require you agree to follow any laws governing the psychoactive substances act 2016 to purchase our Cream Chargers.

It is prohibited to resell any of our products. We can ask you how you plan to use our products, and if we judge your answer as undesirable, we may refuse to sell to you. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing the goods for resale or any other major commercial business. You may not sell, resell, or redistribute the Products without our prior written consent.

Buying a Cream Charger

Purchases of cream chargers are subject to additional terms and conditions. As nitrous oxide is present in the Products and can induce health complications such as narcosis and asphyxiation, overuse or inhalation can lead to death. We only sell cream chargers meant to be used in culinary and beverage preparation. To comply with the law, we must check that the Products are not being misused. The Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016 mandates that the sale of nitrous oxide be made with the knowledge and skills of our employees. You must be at least eighteen years old to purchase the cream. We will need

  • A scanned copy of your driver’s license.
  • A Passport ID page indicates your full name, picture, and birth date.
  • Email Address

We may inquire what you plan to do with the cream charger. We may need further documents and information. Orders are held for up to 72 hours while our Customer Services Order Analysis Team analyzes them. While we determine whether or not we can offer you the Product, you have the authority to decline your order. As a result, your future purchases from our Site will be barred if you cancel this nature.

We have authority to reject or refuse service of anybody who intends to abuse our products. For the time being, each buyer address is limited to 240 chargers in any given 90-day period. You will not be allowed to order from our Website again if your order exceeds this amount. A Wholesale Account Application can be discussed with us via live chat if you’re a company and need greater quantities. It would help if you stuck to the manufacturer’s directions.

You must become familiar with the presence of compressed gas as soon as you receive the Product. Nitrous oxide, a product’s primary constituent, is extremely hazardous and must be handled with care throughout storage and transportation. If you use one of our gas cartridges, please read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly beforehand. It is possible to be prosecuted for violating the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016’s safety regulations.

Contracts & Orders

Orders are subjected to the product’s supply and demand. When we confirm your order, we enter into a legally binding contract to sell goods. When the Products are shipped to you upon payment, the contract has been fulfilled.

To indicate that you are over 18, you must click the order confirm button when you place an order for an item restricted to clients over 18 (for instance, cream chargers). You further agree and consent to us verifying your age by clicking the order confirm button. For age-restricted products, we have the right to refuse to supply them to you if we reasonably sell you are underage. After placing a purchase/order, you will get an automatic email notification and a confirmation mail.

Our Customer Services Order Analysis Team conducts an internal review of all orders before they are shipped. If further required to determine whether or not we can sell the Product(s) to you, your order may be temporarily suspended before it is shipped. A 72-hour hold is permitted on certain kinds of orders. Due to delays, we are not responsible for any losses or inconveniences you may suffer. To learn about our policies regarding the sale and purchase of cream chargers, please see the information in Clause 12 below.

Buying products from us does not give you the right to resell or distribute them. If we think that an order is for resale or redistribution, we have the right to deny or cancel the transaction at our discretion. To establish a Wholesale account, if you plan to, please get in touch with us, and contact us. If any one of our conditions is violated, we have the authority to cancel the contract.

Payment Criteria

Before products are shipped, payment must be made in full. If you’re late with your payments, we’ll be late getting your goods to you. If you’re buying our products, you will have to pay extra customs and tax costs and import fees. Contact the local customs office to determine if there are other extra expenses or taxes you are accountable for.

Both the Klarna and Sage Pay secure payment interfaces can be used to make payments. The portals accept the following payment options: Buy Now Pay Later, VISA, and MasterCard (debit and credit cards) (Klarna Payments are subjected to soft credit checks).

Visa Debit, MasterCard, VISA Electron, American Express, and Maestro MasterCard are all supported by SagePay. You agree to both our terms and the conditions of either Klarna or Sagepay by using either payment site.

Any fraudulent transactions that may have occurred due to your inability to follow their security procedures will not be our responsibility. If the product has already been shipped, a refund cannot be issued for a fraudulent order. Your bank and the online payment portals are responsible for preventing fraud, and we do not influence it.

To accept payment from international consumers, we will request payment in British Pounds, Sterling. You can view the product prices on our website in any of the numerous currencies we support. Due to the existing current exchange rate of your transaction, we will receive your funds in British Pounds.

We have the authority to modify our terms of services & other conditions of any discounts or marketing codes that we provide without prior notice. Eligibility for use and maximum order value are just two examples. Discount codes must be used within a specific period, or they will expire, although most of our codes have a 90-day expiration date.

You might not have been able to apply any discount coupons to certain brands or goods, and you might not even be able to apply any discount codes to such brands or products. Discount code terms & conditions will take precedence over these terms of service if some of the discount codes’ terms and conditions violate these terms and conditions.

Discount codes cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. If you receive a discount code by email or another method, keep it private and don’t give it to anyone else. Any orders that do not meet these terms may be rejected or canceled, even if your credit/ debit card has already been charged. All payments made about the order will be returned in full if this occurs.

Insurance and packing are not included in the price of our products. Additional fees will be assessed based on the number and size of insured products for shipping and packaging. At checkout, this fee will be displayed.

Order Returns

In case of a Faulty product

If you receive an item that is defective or incorrect, please get in touch with us to resolve the issue. Within 48 hours of receiving your order, please get in contact to tell us if the product you received differs from what you bought or if the product is defective or damaged. Depending on the circumstances, the courier firm may potentially launch an investigation.

The likelihood of a favorable resolution decreases if you contact us late. No refunds will be issued unless you can provide photographic evidence of damage or an order error. The manufacturer’s warranty must be invoked within seven (7) days of discovering a defective product in your shipment. Products must still be returned via a trackable method, such as Royal Mail registered delivery. Returns are not our responsibility until they are received at our office and signed for.

  • If your mind changes

You have 14 days to change your perspective and get a refund on most internet purchases. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges if you activate this right. Before returning any products to us, please get in touch with us. Products must be sent in their plastic wrapping, in returnable condition, and the container. Including presents, replacement parts, instructions, please get in touch with uslicable, must be returned. To be eligible for a refund, nitrous oxide must be returned in its original, unopened packaging. You must make sure that the Product is properly packaged and safe to ship. There are no refunds for non-compliance with these regulations.

All of the order information must be included full name, order number and date of ordering, Delivery address and Reason for returning order, in a refunded item. We can’t finish the tax return without this data. The merchandise is inspected and evaluated by the company before a refund is processed, and a restocking fee may be imposed if necessary. We cannot be held responsible for any damage during the shipping process when you return an item. However, the initial postal price may be refunded depending on the circumstances.

Return Address:

Unit 8, Vernon Building Westbourne Street

High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

HP11 2PX United Kingdom

Contact Number


Your obligation

Providing us with any data we may require to complete your order is your obligation. It is your responsibility to verify that the products you intend to send are legal in the country to which they will be delivered and whether or not you will be required to pay import taxes or duties upon arrival. Plus, Providing us with accurate Personal Information and identification documentation is your duty.

Data Security

All of your details will be kept secure and confidential at all times. All of your personal information is stored on a secure server, and we strictly adhere to all privacy and consumer protection laws. However, Internet-based data transfer is not fully safe. The protection of private data submitted to and from our site cannot be guaranteed, despite our best efforts. Any submission is at your own risk.

Loyalty Points for Recurring Purchases

Before registering for Discount Cream’s Loyalty Points, you should first set up an account on our site. Unless you login to your account before checking out, you won’t get any Loyalty Points. These Points are non-transferable and do not have any value in terms of money. Only in compliance with these Terms and Conditions are Loyalty Points eligible for redemption. It is impossible to add Loyalty Points from prior purchases to your account manually.

You should spend £1 to get a single loyalty point. The value of a Loyalty Point is 1p. Using the Klarna payment gateway interface does not allow you to use your loyalty points. Sage Pay is the preferred payment method to accrue or redeem Loyalty Points.

Liability Restraints

We make no assurances, expressly or by implication, as to the truth of any information we post on the Website, even though we make every effort to verify its integrity. To the extent permitted by law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, as to the Website and any transactions conducted on or through it.

Our company liability restraints for any damages coming from the Inability to access and use the Website, such as not limited to any further losses originating from disclaimed inability. Content and data transferred through the Website will not be returned to you if they are deleted or corrupted by any third party. As a consumer, you have the same legal protections as before if you suffer financial damage or injury to your brand due to not complying with the Conditions.

If you violate these terms or the law, we will not be accountable for any related regulatory action or prosecution on your part. For any death or injury originating from the negligent actions of our employees, agents, and servants, nothing in these terms and conditions shall reduce our obligation for such damages.

General Overview

These terms and conditions depicts our relationship with our customers. You agree that you have relied on no claims other than those contained in these Conditions for any purpose other than those stated. You will have no recourse if such representations mislead you. Your legal rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.

Any illegal activity is prohibited on the website. Your responsibility is to meet with all applicable rules and regulations when using our site and services it offers to the extent that a provision of the Conditions is defective or otherwise unenforceable; that provision will be deemed severable and will not any other be the condition. It is important to note that any cancellation by us does not mean that any future or subsequent violation of any condition has been waived.

One or more conditions may be invalid or unenforceable, while the rest of the conditions remain in full force and effect. Disputes related to these terms and conditions will be resolved in the courts of England and Wales at this moment. 

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