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Kokoa Collection West Africa 100 Hot Chocolate 1kg

Kokoa Collection West Africa (100%) Hot Chocolate 1kg


Milfresh Fair and Ethical Hot Chocolate 1KG

Milfresh Fair and Ethical Hot Chocolate 1KG

Kokoa Collection São Tomé (58%) Hot Chocolate Flakes 1kg


IngredientsCocoa paste Sao Tome, sugar, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin. min cocoa: 58%

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This vegan hot chocolate is crafted from the Amelonado bean variety, known for its unique flavor profile. With hints of butterscotch, popcorn, and red berry, the diverse and delicious flavor notes make for a truly indulgent experience. Featuring a 58% cocoa content, this chocolate achieves a perfect balance between intensity and sweetness, enhancing the enjoyment of this luxurious treat.

Situated in the Gulf of Guinea off the West African coast, São Tomé and Príncipe are volcanic islands. For the creation of São Tomé hot chocolate flakes, Kokoa exclusively sources cocoa beans from Diogo Vaz or Satocao, ensuring a distinctive and delightful flavor. The cocoa varieties utilized in this process include Amelonado, renowned for its tender and fruity taste. Following the bean harvest, they undergo fermentation wrapped in banana leaves and are then sun-dried.

These chocolate flakes for hot chocolate are incredibly versatile, serving as a perfect addition to cappuccinos and mochas as a garnish! They’re compatible with all automatic milk frothers, including the Velvetiser. Ideal for cafes and coffee shops aiming to offer their customers a premium hot chocolate experience, they’re also a fantastic choice for individuals seeking to indulge in a delicious Kokoa Hot Chocolate in the comfort of their own home.


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