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Milfresh Superior Hot Chocolate 1KG

Milfresh Superior Hot Chocolate 1KG


Galaxy Vending Hot Chocolate 750g

Galaxy Vending Hot Chocolate 750g

Kokoa Collection Ecuador (70%) Hot Chocolate 210g


IngredientsCocoa paste Ecuador, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin*. min cocoa: 70%

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Arriba Nacional cocoa beans are the cornerstone of Ecuadorian chocolate, lending it a distinctive flavor profile characterized by balanced and floral notes. This Ecuadorian chocolate, crafted from Arriba Nacional beans, boasts a 70% cocoa content, contributing to its bittersweet and bold taste.

Derived from the delicate Arriba Nacional beans from Ecuador, this divine dark hot chocolate is produced in the region above the Guayas River. Harvested by smallholder farmers between March and June, these beans undergo a meticulous fermentation process, with each farmer employing their own unique techniques. The cocoa beans are separately fermented in wooden containers for five to seven days before being dried on cement patios or wooden tables. These traditional methods result in cocoa beans that are bursting with flavor.

A 70% dark chocolate signifies a high cocoa content, resulting in a rich chocolate flavor profile. With Kokoa Hot Chocolate, you’ll enjoy a full-bodied flavor that stands out from other hot chocolate brands. This luxurious dark chocolate is ideal for those seeking a more intense chocolate experience. Simply melt the chocolate tablets into hot milk for a rich and creamy hot chocolate drink. Available in a 210g package, it’s the perfect addition to your kitchen!


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