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Bubble Tea by Boba Lish – Blueberry Milk Powder (1kg)


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Bubble Tea by Boba Lish – Gradient Colour Powder (1kg)


BRAND:Boba Lish Bubble Tea


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Introducing Boba Lish Gradient Powder, a delightful innovation elevating your boba experience with mesmerizing blends of colors and flavors. Crafted with meticulous precision and care, this unique powder adds a vibrant twist to your beloved bubble tea or boba beverages.

Our Gradient Boba Powder is a premium fusion of top-tier ingredients, meticulously chosen to guarantee a velvety and indulgent taste. Featuring a gradient of rich hues, this powder creates a visually striking and Instagram-worthy beverage that will captivate your senses.

To concoct a mesmerizing boba beverage using our Gradient Boba Powder, commence by preparing your preferred base tea or milk tea to your liking. Once your base is prepared, meticulously measure and incorporate the desired amount of Gradient Boba Powder into your drink. Witness the magic as the powder dissolves, unveiling a stunning spectrum of colors that seamlessly blend, crafting a visually enchanting gradient effect.

To heighten the experience, contemplate layering your drink with diverse textures. Infuse a generous portion of flawlessly cooked boba pearls into the base of your cup, creating an enchanting surprise for your taste buds as you reach the bottom. Adorn with colorful toppings or a dollop of whipped cream to complement the gradient theme. Gently stir to amalgamate the flavors and textures, then savor each sip slowly to relish the extraordinary fusion of vibrant colors and delectable tastes.

Our Gradient Boba Powder transcends mere refreshment – it’s a sensory voyage that transforms every sip into a delightful odyssey for your palate and eyes alike.

How to Make Bubble Tea with Milk Powder: For a 12oz/360ml serving:

  1. Measure 30g (approximately two teaspoons) into a metal cup or cocktail shaker.
  2. Add 50ml of hot water and stir until the powder is dissolved.
  3. Incorporate ice and 150ml of cold water (or milk), along with syrup, and stir or shake.
  4. Place a serving of popping bubbles or tapioca boba into your glass.
  5. Pour the prepared tea into the glass and insert a jumbo straw. We recommend a 30g serving with 150ml of water or milk and ice for a 12oz/360ml serving. As a rule of thumb, you’re combining 1 part powder with 12 parts water or milk.

Boba Lish: Our latest brand, crafted exclusively for us in Taiwan by the premier manufacturer of bubble tea ingredients. Available in 2.1kg tub sizes, our bursting bubbles are offered at an unbeatable price due to our direct importation. Contact us for wholesale pricing.

Ingredients: Glucose 59.3%, Sugar 36%, Anthocyanin (E163) 1.5%, Maltodextrin 1.2%, Silicon Dioxide (E551) 1.2%, Sodium Bicarbonate (Stabilizer, E500-ii) 0.8%


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