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Bubble Tea by Boba Lish – Tapioca Boba Pearls (3kg)


Bubble Tea by Boba Lish – Cherry Popping Juice Balls (2.1kg)


Bubble Tea by Boba Lish – Blueberry Pearls Popping Juice Bal ls (2.1kg)


GTIN: 5060942901808
BRAND: Boba Lish Bubble Tea
WEIGHT: 2.200kg

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Authentic Taiwanese Blueberry bursting bubbles bring a delightful twist to your beverages. These juicy bubbles, brimming with flavor, burst gently under pressure, delivering an unparalleled taste sensation! Whether crafting bubble tea enhancing cocktails, or even as a delectable dessert topping, these bubbles elevate any culinary experience. Children adore them, and adults become instant fans upon trying them for the first time.

Crafted with a firm jelly shell encapsulating a juicy syrup center, our bubbles redefine the traditional bubble experience. Unlike conventional tapioca bubbles, ours boast a liquid-filled core.

Instructions for Use:

Simply scoop the desired amount of bubbles into your cup or glass, then pour in your chosen cold beverage. Ensure you have ample jumbo straws to enjoy the bubbles to the fullest. Compatible with bubble tea, cocktails, slush drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, juices, frappes, and virtually any cold beverage. These bubbles also serve as a delightful topping for ice creams and cold desserts.

Product Details:

Manufactured in Taiwan.
Bubble Diameter: 9mm.
Plastic container containing 2.1kg of boba, including liquid.
Contains 1.44kg drained weight of boba.
Blueberry-flavored bursting bubbles.
Requires no preparation – simply add to your cold drink or dish.
Compatible with 9mm wide smoothie jumbo straws.
Juice syrup-filled bubbles that burst under pressure.
Ideal for crafting bubble tea, cocktails, milkshakes, and more.
Excellent as a topping for ice creams and sundaes.

How to Prepare Bubble Tea with Milk Powder:

For a 12oz/360ml serving:
Measure out 30g (approximately two teaspoons) into a metal cup or cocktail shaker. Add 50ml of hot water and stir until the powder dissolves. Add ice and 150ml of cold water (or milk), along with syrup, and stir or shake. Place a serving of popping bubbles or tapioca boba into your glass. Pour the prepared tea into the glass and insert a jumbo straw.
We recommend a 30g serving with 150ml of water or milk and ice for a 12oz/360ml serving. As a general guideline, you’re combining 1 part powder with 12 parts water or milk.

Introducing Boba Lish:

Our new brand, is exclusively crafted for us in Taiwan by the foremost manufacturer of bubble tea ingredients.
Available in 2.1kg tub sizes, our bursting bubbles are offered at an unbeatable price due to our direct importation.
For wholesale pricing inquiries, please contact us.


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